So if we have to show women what the baby looks like in their womb and tell them how the process works before allowing them to get an abortion, does that mean we should teach our soldiers about the culture of the lands we’re invading, and explain to them that the people we want them to kill have families and feel pain, just like Americans?



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The dried cocoa beans are used by the whites to make this," declared a happy farmer of cocoa beans in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Here, cocoa farmers in Africa taste chocolate for the first time in their lives. They’ve been growing and selling cocoa beans for decades, and didn’t know what the beans were used for. So says this video.

i feel very guilty because i spent my whole day with two very good friends of mine and it was great, but now it’s night time and i’m alone I’m just spiraling deeper and deeper into lonliness

"I have an avocado I’m expecting will be perfectly ripe on Friday, and I don’t want to miss that."
me, trying to explain why I can’t go to my Dad’s this Friday

My father’s lips touch his beer bottle more than my mother’s skin. He spends more time staring at the television than he does looking at her. Most of the time he chooses work over date nights, or relaxing evenings at home. He stopped taking her out for her birthday, and she stopped asking to spend more time with him.

Sometimes when she talks, my father doesn’t listen, and she gets no response. When he talks it’s usually about work, or how he needs my mom to do something. I don’t know what it is, I know they love each other, I guess that’s just what happens after being together for more than twenty years.

I just feel like so many couples lose sight of what’s important, because they think of how this person has stuck around for so long, what would make them leave now? I just don’t want my future marriage to be small talk in the evening. or red roses once a year on Valentine’s Day.

I’m afraid of it happening, I am. I just think, the older the love, the more it should be cherished not ignored.

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we were going to do this sometime, and never got around to it. never again. next time I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship, I’m going to insist we do everything the moment we think of it.